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Delve into the genius behind 75 Kenmare. How it was conceived and cast into reality, from the ground up. 

Modern Icon. Living Legend.

From the vision of Kravitz Design, architect Andre Kikoski, and DHA Capital arises a highly curated collection of 38 unique homes. Introducing the modern vanguard of enlightened living. Unexpected contextual details tangle unabashedly with raw, tactile elements and impeccably polished amenities. 

Andre Kikoski: Architect

Manhattan-based Andre Kikoski, AIA has earned numerous accolades for his innovative designs, including the American Institute of Architects Honor Award, the James Beard Foundation Award for Outstanding Design, and awards for his work at The Wright in the Guggenheim Museum. Each of Kikoski’s signature buildings, art spaces, and private residences is an aesthetically designed wonder that seamlessly blurs the boundaries between art and architecture.

Andre Kikoski
Andre Kikoski, Architect

"A building in its smallest detail and its biggest expression can articulate the limitless potential of design."– Andre Kikoski, AIA

A Building As A Canvas

In order to begin conceptualizing his artistic vision for 75 Kenmare, Kikoski studied iconic buildings throughout the city of New York. Historical buildings. Modern buildings. Buildings he had never really noticed before. Kikoski then scrutinized the finest examples of architecture in NoLita, taking note of the smallest details and textures and rethinking them in a purely contemporary way. Ultimately, Kikoski designed a masterpiece of a building that’s absolutely unique and cosmopolitan in its aesthetic. A building that’s globally inspired yet born of the fabric of New York City and enriched with an intimate relationship to the street. A building that’s a contextual celebration of classic materials and masonry techniques in an entirely new way. A building that is, in a word—art.

Andre Kikoski

"As a child, I traveled the world visiting cities, landmarks, and museums full of art. It left me with an incredible appreciation for buildings and the experiences they create."– Andre Kikoski, AIA

Cemented in the roots of the city

Kikoski reinterprets bricks in cast formed concrete, imagining a richly textured and finely scaled surface with thoughtfully contemplated aggregate, color, and a surface patina. Vertical panels cast a series of narrow channels in three unique widths to define the architecture of the street wall. Each unique width is in a specific vertical plane that is set consistently with respect to the other two, and the pattern of channels is staggered randomly to create a stunning, contemporary play of dimension, shade, and shadow.

Andre Kikoski

"We designed a contemporary building with incredible emphasis on shade and shadow with this highly articulated façade. A building that will change with the time of the day, change with the season. A building that even has a sense of joy."– Andre Kikoski, AIA

Architectural Fabric

When conceiving the exterior of 75 Kenmare, Kikoski and his firm sought to set the tone for future buildings in the neighborhood. They aimed to make a striking, contemporary statement to complement NoLita and its architectural landmarks. To look forward, it was necessary to look back. By studying ways in which hand-laid brick had been used to create detail and expression in historic structures nearby, they were able to reinterpret those bricks in cast formed concrete. This led to a richly textured and finely scaled surface that brings pattern, texture, and rhythm to the exterior.

Interiors By

Kravitz Design

Kravitz Design possesses an intimate connection with the NoLita neighborhood—the scale of its buildings, the gritty corner bodegas, and its tight-knit international vibe.

The 75 Kenmare Vibe

Creating the interiors of 75 Kenmare was an obvious and organic intersection of Kravitz Design’s core culture and values. As a team, Kravitz Design lives and breathes the downtown mindset and was—and still is—an active part of its cultural history. 



For 75 Kenmare, Kravitz Design kept downtown authenticity alive and incorporated
a sense of refined elegance.